2/14/2017 Updates
  • ERP rates will be reflected on 20Feb onwards
  • Future possible ERP gantries entering KPE between TPE and Airport Rd. Possible traffic spill to Upp Serangoon Rd and Bartley Rd
  • PIE eastbound near whitley Rd start ERP 5.30pm to 7.30pm at $2. Possible traffic spill to Lornie Rd
  • ERP rates up $1 for cte northbound after pie. possible traffic spill to Upp Serangoon Rd, Thomson Rd, Link
  • Fuel price up 2-5cents a litre. compare current crude oil price at $0.64/L and July 2013 oil price at $1.06/L. The petrol price at ron92 is $2.10

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